I have always been a savior to my family when it come to the elders. I have taken care of several when they become almost too old to function. It’s my family task, my job, and my cross to bear. I have always been very good at this job and I seem to have the patience of a saint for it. That is, however, until I met the granny who lived in Arizona. She moved there after my grandfather died. My favorite, and most difficult to get over grandfather was married to this woman and spawned my mother and my uncle. I was very young when she left my state and moved to Arizona, met a rich man, and married him. Together, they jet-setted around the globe, until she had an accident and he became and angry, old curmudgeon. He later died and left her a lot of money. She became frail and elderly, and moved back home nearer to us. Meanwhile, I have grown up into a mostly functioning adult. I am now faced with a stranger who calls herself my granny. She regales me with stories from my infancy and small childhood but mostly just repeats 3 of the same stories over and over and over. She thinks she is witty with racial comments and outright bigotry and thinks she’s important and wears her gotti jewelry every week to her hair appointments. She complains about money yet gives thousands of dollars to every “Christian” charity that hits her up via the post mail. She takes expensive supplements that are helping her “age better” and ease her pain. This is on top of the 5 narcotics she takes 3 times a day for her suffering, which never ceases to end. The list goes on, but this is some of what I have to deal with everyday. My mother cant stand it, yet absorbs most of the endless complaining and bitching from this woman. Mother keeps telling me, “God! Who is this woman?! What happened to my mother?”

Tonight… my granny is throwing a private pity party in her room, alone. 3 days ago I had said that the restaurant she picked was gross to me and that I didn’t want to join her in the future. She was personally offended. It was an attack on her decision making and ruined her night completely. Still to this day it ruins her to the point of tears and praying. PRAYING! Don’t bring GOD into this! Tell me your angry! Curse me, lash out! Anything! But when I apologize and ask how to fix it, don’t tell me to pray! There are starving people in this world, diseased people, sick people, sexually abused people…. but you want me to pray for forgiveness because I offended you by not wanting to eat disgusting food and having you PAY for it?! WHAT?! I think I hate this woman that I am supposed to love and take care of. I have never seen such selfishness. Such pettiness.