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So I ended up getting a job. I get a job the same way every time…. late at night, usually drunk and answering ad’s on Craigslist. I will never get a job by trying really hard and being determined. Never works. So I guess I have a system. Anyways… I got a frickin’ job doing something that I thought was up there with unicorns and free alcohol, and that’s sitting in a comfy chair making more money than I ever have working my butt off for minimum wage. All I have to do is answer phone calls from angry, horny old men saying they want help with there online dating profile! I KNOW!!! My first question in the interview was, “And your actually gonna PAY me for this?!” I would do this for fun! So now I go to an office around 11am, goof off and eat free donuts and coffee, answer the occasional phone call, and go home by 6pm, Monday through Friday. I think I am in love! Finally! A lazy drunks dream job!! I am really proud of myself…. for really no reason.