Listen, or read… whatever. I know I am drunk and sitting in the dark right now. I know. But what you don’t know is right now…… I am totally not depressed and “Mike” is no where to be felt or heard at the fucking moment. WHICH IS A GOD SEND! I am tired of that little fucker. I know, I made him up. I know he is an imaginary monster that dwells within me but hes real real to me!

I also find your blogs easier to read through when you have the paragraphs short and sweet. I should do this more.

Anyway… I am drinking vodka, strawberry flavored syrup, and ginger-ale. I am calling this magnificent drink THE RED-HEADED RUSSIAN. It pretty good… just the leftovers from the christmas party. Which SUCKED! Nobody came. Fuck them.

I am soooo in love with Aerosmith right now! God damn that man can sing!! 

I think I wanna be drunk and in the dark forever. This is awesome… Now I get why clubs are popular. Its the mentality of darkness and booze. You should try it sometime.

Time to make another drink…. Peace bitches! Love to ya motha.