YAY! Pat yourselves on the back! We have totally made it through the holidays and now we are staring down a new, upcoming year.Image


This picture says it all. New year, new me is all crap. We aspire to better ourselves and yet… we need an entire new year to do this?! NO! You’ve got it wrong, my friends! Thats what the weight loss companies WANT you to think! Its just like Hallmark on Valentines Day!! Instead of doing the conventional “Resolutions,” try making a RENOUNCEMENT! A Renouncement is merely a statement you make to yourself that says, “I’m tired of smelling different from the majority of the people I hang out with because they don’t smoke. Either I make some smoker friends, or I quit smoking!” I see it as giving yourself an option to do one or more things, giving you a less likely to fail by March statistic. I used to say, “My resolution is to lose 20 pounds by June.” That would set me up to fail every time because I would forget about my stupid resolution every time I shoved a Pop-Tart in my mouth. What makes a Renouncement easier is that I am not really setting goals, I just giving myself a way out. A way to slightly alter my way of thinking, which in turn, changes my habits.

This year, my Renouncement is to stop being so lazy! I reject this couch living! I renounce my dogs obesity! I dissolve the notion of eating breads 3 times a day! These things are evils in my life and I will cast them out!!

For me… I think it easier to have a negative frame of mind, rather than a positive one. That’s just the way it works in my case.