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A complete collapse in my faith in humanity is happening, and rather quickly at that. I hate everyone, everything, and see no point in holding it all in anymore. I don’t see good happening anywhere. This is supposed to be when people come together for the holidays but  I just can’t wait to get loaded in the back room all by myself. I sick of pretending like Christmas is sooo much fun when I’m the only one trying. Sure! Sit on your ass while I put up the very dangerous house lights. It fine! I’ll do all your baking since you’ve lost your will to live. Great! I’ll do all the shopping while you pretend to be super busy. Fuck you…. and your shitty holidays.

My dad asked me today, “Why do you always seem to be thinking of food? Food food food!” Because, asshole, In case you forgot… a couple years ago it was, “Drugs, drugs drugs!” I couldn’t wait to get a christmas present so that I could go return or pawn it for drug money and get reallly fucking high. Thanks though for your subtle commentary on my weight gain. Awesome chat, lets do this less often.

*SIGH* It’s just been shit like that, all day, every day. I just want March to come back. Maybe things will be better then.